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Do you want to know more about our goals? Check out below a range of resources and publications on the latest issues in regards to online hate speech.

Training Hub

It is not enough to simply monitor hate speech online, analyse evolving trends, report and remove illegal content. Media education and counter speech are equally important. In order to build capacity in the civil society and enable users to tackle hate speech wherever they encounter it online, the sCAN partners used the insights gained through the project results and the partners experience in the field to develop online courses and offline trainings on counter-acting hate speech through counter speech, monitoring and moderation of online discussions.

Have you ever been a victim of cyberhate? Have you ever witnessed episodes of hate speech on the Internet?
We would like to inform you that the International Network Against Cyber Hate (INACH) allows users to report any episode of online hate.
By doing this, you will allow the network and its members to gather more information on online hate speech, as well as to fight for the removal of the content you reported.