sCAN Analytical Paper on antigypsyism on the Internet

Gwendolyn Albert, consultant at ROMEA, gives us an introduction on the main concepts, facts and challenges related to the phenomenon of online Antigypsyism across Europe.

sCAN and Facing Facts Online course on hate speech

Julia Mozer, Communication Officer and Hate Speech Advisor at CEJI – A Jewish contribution to an inclusive Europe, presents the features and modules of the Facing Facts online courses on hate speech, also adapted for the French, german and Italian audience. You can register for free at!

sCAN Analytical Paper on Intersectional Hate Speech Online

Cvijeta Senta, from Human Rights House Zagreb, explains the origin of the concept of intersectionality, its implications and importance when conducting studies and researches on discriminations, fith a focus on online hate speech.

sCAN Monitoring Report 2018 – 2019 and 2019 – 2020

Maren Hamelmann, Senior Researcher from, describes the process and methodology adopted by the sCAN partners to conduct the monitoring exercises established under the framework of the EU Code of Conduct on countering hate spech online., as well as the qualitative and quantitative results on the response and removal rates of the social media platforms involved.

sCAN mapping study and User guide on automated monitoring tools

Camille Lhopitault, sCAN Project coordinator from LICRA, introduces the testing activities carried out to assess the usability of different automated monitoring tools to detect online hate speech on the internet and social media platforms. The outcomes of this work and assessments can be found in the sCAN mapping study and sCAN User guide, both available on the project website.

sCAN Hate Ontology

Erica Caredda, project manager from CESIE, explains the rationale behind the research carried out by the sCAN partnership to build the translanional Hate Ontology, useful to better understand the historical, social and cultural origin of hateful words and expressions used to discriminate against different minority groups across Europe.

sCAN and Facing Facts Online moderation course

Laura-Blu Mauss, Project Coordinator from Respect Zone, illustrates the features and modules of the sCAN course on online moderation, designed to develop the abilities of young people to identify, monitor, counter and moderate digital spaces.

sCAN, INACH and work during the pandemic

Ronald Eissens, General Director of the International Network Against Cyber Hate (INACH), describes how the Covid-19 pandemic, and the consequent home confinement, represent fertile ground for honline haters and fake news diffusion.


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