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In the EU-funded project sCAN – Platforms, Experts, Tools: Specialised Cyber-Activists Network (2018-2020), is cooperating with nine European partners to collect expertise, tools, methodology and knowledge about hate speech on the internet and develop transnational, comprehensive strategies to combat online hate speech.

The European cooperation profits from the diverse experience of the partners. In order to combat hate on the internet on various levels, the partners are

  • Pooling resources and instruments transnationally
  • Conducting joint research on hate phenomena and trends, as well as
  • Developing online courses and workshops on Counter Speech, Monitoring and Moderation of online discussions.

Furthermore, the sCAN partners participate in the monitoring exercises conducted by the European Commission to evaluate the Code of Conduct on combating illegal hate speech online. The aim of these monitoring exercises is to test the reaction of IT companies to reports on illegal hate speech on their platforms.

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