Right-wing extremists use alternative platforms to spread their content

As the major social networks are increasingly cracking down on hate speech, right-wing extremists migrate to alternative platforms. Which platforms those are, jugendschutz.net analysed together with partner organisations in the project sCAN.

Some of those alternative platforms, like VK.com or Gab.ai, have acquired a broad international audience and are considered ‘safe havens’ by far-right or right-wing extremist activists, where they can exchange their views without fear of interference or sanctions. Children and adolescents should be made aware of the dangers that extremist actors pose in social media. For example, Instagram is used as an ‘eye-catcher’ to establish first contact with subtle propaganda and lure young people towards more explicit and violent content.

You can download the full analytical paper in EnglishGerman and French.


[Original link: https://fis.jugendschutz.net/master-detailseite-news/n/rechtsextreme-nutzen-gezielt-ausweichplattformen-zur-verbreitung-ihrer-inhalte/]


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