European experts say hatred online endangers democracy, nonprofits are monitoring social media response to it

Experts are in agreement that hatred disseminated through the Internet is increasing – and that in the Czech Republic, Romani people remain the most frequent targets of that hatred. There are many different ways Internet users can respond when they see such hateful online posts.

One approach is to do our best to convince those posting that they are headed in the wrong direction. We can also report posts to social media administrators or, in extreme cases, inform the police.

Which tactic is the best? How do social media respond when hateful posts are reported to them? How can hatred on the Internet be combated? How can one respond to it during online discussions?

At the ROMEA organization, Selma Muhič Dizdarevič and Gwendolyn Albert have been focusing on such issues and discussed that work with in the interview below.

Read their interview:

In English version here

In Czech version here


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